Statement on President Trump's Pardon of The Hammonds - Russ Fulcher for Congress

Statement on President Trump’s Pardon of The Hammonds

I appreciate President Trump’s pardon of Dwight and Steven Hammond. Despite federal Judge Michael Hogan arguing that a five year minimum sentence would be excessive, the previous administration’s Department of Justice used an anti-terrorism law to prosecute the ranchers, ultimately winning an appeal which sent the Hammonds to jail for the full five year sentence. This was unjust — and to many in rural western communities — further proof of the federal government’s hostility to ranchers, farmers, and landowners. Thank you President Trump for rectifying this injustice.

Russ Fulcher is a fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up on a dairy farm in Meridian. He has multiple upper education degrees from Idaho Institutions, spent 24 years in Idaho’s technology industry where he conducted business worldwide. Russ also served 10 years in the statehouse as a Senate leader, and currently operates a commercial real estate business. He and his wife Kara, have three adult children; Meghan, Benjamin, and Nicole.

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