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How To Request Your Ballot Online

The State of Idaho has made the Primary Election an “absentee only” voting process. This means you need to request an absentee ballot which you can send in to place your vote.

There are multiple ways to request your ballot. The Secretary of State’s office mailed ballot request forms to registered voters’ addresses, but you can also request your ballot online.  All ballot requests must be received by your County Clerk by May 19 at 8 PM, and election results will be final June 2.


The Idaho Secretary of State’s Office has a user-friendly website called that makes it easy to request a ballot online.

Step One: Are you a registered voter?

If you are already a registered voter and don’t need to update your personal information, skip to step 2!

If you are not a registered voter or need to update your personal information, you can do so through this portal:

If you are not sure, you can check here:

Step Two: Your ballot request form

Start your absentee ballot request through IdahoVotes.Gov by selecting the link here:

To get started, click on “Begin My Absentee Ballot Request.”

You can fill out your ballot request form online if you know your Social Security number and have a valid Idaho ID by clicking “Online Absentee Ballot Request.”

If you don’t have a state-issued ID, or you would rather fill out a paper form, don’t worry! You can get a physical request form by clicking “Paper Absentee Request Form,” and the form will appear immediately for you to print.

Step Three: Filling out your ballot request

In Idaho, Primary Elections are based on party affiliation, so the political party you select on your request form will affect what party’s ballot you receive.

You must select a political party if you want to vote for candidates affiliated with that party. Non-partisan ballots do not contain candidates from all parties; they contain bonds, levies, measures, and non-partisan positions.

If you have accessibility concerns and require assistance, you can contact your County Clerk directly HERE.

With these major changes in Idaho’s voting process, it is important to help our families and friends understand how to cast their votes. Regardless of political preferences, we must make sure our neighbors know how to make their voices heard.