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Election Voting Process and Timeline Changes

The State of Idaho has made the upcoming Primary Election  an “absentee only” voting process. This means that polling locations won’t be physically open; instead, you will need to request an absentee ballot which you can mail in to place your vote.

The State has also issued a timeline change: you can request a ballot through May 19, and the election results will be final June 2nd.

A few important dates to remember:

You are currently able to request your absentee ballot online HERE

MAY 19
Deadline to register to vote, which you can do HERE
Ballot Request Deadline; must be received by your County Clerk or submitted online by 8 PM

June 2
Ballot Deadline; must be received by 8 PM
Election is Final

There are multiple ways to request your absentee ballot. You can request your ballot online HERE, or you can respond to a request form that will be mailed to your current registered voter address from the Secretary of State’s office within the next two weeks. If your address or personal information has changed, you can update it HERE. If you have accessibility concerns and require assistance, you can contact your County Clerk directly HERE.

It is extremely important to help our families and neighbors understand this election change and help them cast their votes for the Primary Election. Regardless of party affiliation and personal viewpoints, making our voices heard is a privilege that many brave men and women have fought and died for.