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Conservative Groups

Federal Elected Officials

“Successful self-government requires active participation from each one of us. That is true not only for those who run for office, but of each of us who casts a vote. I’m asking voters to carefully consider the choices before them this election cycle, and to stand with those who have proven themselves to be conservatives of conviction. In the race for Congress in Idaho’s 1st District, I am proud to endorse Russ Fulcher, and I urge the voters in the district to join me by supporting him.”
Senator Ted Cruz
"I fully support Russ Fulcher in his bid to become the next Congressman from Idaho's 1st District. Russ' background as an international businessman, legislative Senate leader, and champion of small government make him an excellent candidate for U.S. Congress. Having him serve in Washington D.C. would give me great confidence that the fight for liberty will continue."
Rep. Raul Labrador
Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Mark Meadows

Idaho Elected Officials

Ron Crane

Idaho Treasurer

Mayor Tammy de Weerd


Sen. Brent Hill

District 34 (Boise), Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Chuck Winder

District 20 (Boise), Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Steve Vick

District 2 (Dalton Gardens), Assistant Majority Leader

Sen. Cliff Bayer

District 21 (Meridian)

Sen. Lori Den Hartog

District 22 (Meridian)

Sen. Dan Johnson

District 6 (Lewiston)

Sen. Dean Mortimer

District 30 (Idaho Falls)

Sen. Tony Potts

District 33 (Idaho Falls)

Sen. Jim Rice

District 10 (Caldwell)

Sen. Mary Souza

District 4 (Coeur d’Alene)

Sen. Steven Thayn

District 8 (Emmett)

Rep. Brent Crane

District 13 (Nampa), Assistant Majority Leader

Rep. John Vander Woude

District 22 (Nampa), Majority Caucus Chairman

Rep. Judy Boyle

District 9 (Midvale)

Rep. Vito Barbieri

District 2 (Dalton Gardens)

Rep. Greg Chaney

District 10 (Caldwell)

Rep. Sage Dixon

District 1 (Ponderay)

Rep. Terry Gestrin

District 8 (Donnelly)

Rep. Karey Hanks

District 35 (St. Anthony)

Rep. Steve Harris

District 21 (Meridian)

Rep. Mike Kingsley

District 6 (Lewiston)

Rep. Lynn Luker

District 15 (Boise)

Rep. Ron Mendive

District 3 (Coeur d’Alene)

Rep. Jason Monks

District 22 (Nampa)

Rep. Dorothy Moon

District 8 (Stanley)

Rep. Ron Nate

District 34 (Rexburg)

Rep. Joe Palmer

District 20 (Meridian)

Rep. Heather Scott

District 1 (Blanchard)

Rep. Thyra Stevenson

District 6 (Lewiston)

Rep. Jeff Thompson

District 33 (Idaho Falls)

Rep. Christy Zito

District 23 (Hammett)

Rep. Bryan Zollinger

District 33 (Idaho Falls)

Trustee Mike Vuittonet

West Ada School Board
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