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David Bossie and Citizens United Endorse Russ Fulcher

Russ Fulcher, candidate for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, is pleased to announce that the Citizens United Political Victory Fund has endorsed his candidacy.

Citizens United is dedicated to restoring government’s control back to the people. They are most well-known for their advocacy of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

David Bossie, president of Citizens United and former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Trump’s campaign, released a statement today saying, “Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m proud to endorse principled conservative Russ Fulcher for Congress in Idaho’s 1st CD. Russ is a strong supporter of President Trump’s agenda and I look forward to working with him!”

“Citizens United and I share the same goal to shrink the size of government and bring the control back to the people,” Fulcher said, “I am deeply honored to have their support.”

Right To Life of Idaho Commends Russ Fulcher On Strong Pro-Life Record

Right to Life of Idaho would like to commend Russ Fulcher for his strong pro-life record. During his nine years as State Senator in the Idaho State Legislature, Russ was uncompromising in his stand for the sanctity of human life as a supporter and frequent sponsor of pro-life legislation. Russ has been a tireless advocate for the unborn, disabled, and elderly as his record shows.

When I first began lobbying for Right to Life of Idaho over a decade ago, I discovered that there were many legislators who were pro-life in principle but only a small number willing to carry pro-life legislation and shoulder the potential controversy and political fallout. Russ was always a ball carrier—someone who would take the ball and become a target for the sake of the team. Right to Life of Idaho would like to express our sincere gratitude and respect for Russ Fulcher and his work as a voice for the voiceless.

To Life!

Jason Herring
Right to Life of Idaho