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Russ Fulcher Receives New Endorsements From Conservative Pro-Family Groups

Meridian, ID – This week, two more national conservative groups with a history of defending conservative values nationwide endorsed Republican candidate for Congress Russ Fulcher.

The Family Research Council, a conservative organization famous for its defense of religious liberty and family values policies, and The Campaign for Working Families, a distinguished pro-family and pro-free enterprise organization, both released statements expressing their support for Russ Fulcher for Congress.

The Campaign For Working Families called Fulcher a “not a ‘politics as usual’ candidate. He is a leader,” while the Family Research Council expressed their confidence that Fulcher will be a “principled advocate for Constitutional limited government, for individual liberties, and for strong family values.”

Fulcher called the endorsements validation of his pro-family record, saying “The Family Research Council and the Campaign for Working Families are two of the leading pro-family organizations in the country. That they would support me in a crowded race confirms what our campaign has been saying all along: no other candidate can match my record of fighting for policies that promote pro-life and pro-family values.

David Bossie and Citizens United Endorse Russ Fulcher

Russ Fulcher, candidate for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, is pleased to announce that the Citizens United Political Victory Fund has endorsed his candidacy.

Citizens United is dedicated to restoring government’s control back to the people. They are most well-known for their advocacy of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

David Bossie, president of Citizens United and former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Trump’s campaign, released a statement today saying, “Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m proud to endorse principled conservative Russ Fulcher for Congress in Idaho’s 1st CD. Russ is a strong supporter of President Trump’s agenda and I look forward to working with him!”

“Citizens United and I share the same goal to shrink the size of government and bring the control back to the people,” Fulcher said, “I am deeply honored to have their support.”

Fact/Check: Obamacare in Idaho

In a recent ad produced by one of our opponent’s campaign, the candidate makes one of the boldest claims we’ve heard this ad season: by joining Governor Otter in creating a state Obamacare exchange in Idaho, they stopped Obamacare from coming to Idaho. The ad states:

“When Butch Otter & Luke Malek stopped Obama from running Idaho’s healthcare, Fulcher whined and fought it.”

Our opponent’s campaign would like you to believe that what was established in Idaho was, in fact, not Obamacare. But it was, and we know that because President Obama himself used Idaho as a specific example of a state doing the federal government’s bidding by establishing an state Obamacare exchange. Listen to the video below:

In the video above, President Obama makes light of the confusion surrounding Obamacare by joking that he doesn’t care whether people think it’s Obamacare or their own state solution — because it is all the same thing. It is that same confusion that now our opponent wants to use to hide his past support for increasing the federal government’s involvement in our healthcare system. 

Establishing a state Obamacare exchange was not insignificant. Idaho became the only Republican-dominated state to launch its own health insurance exchange. [Source] The exchange also came at a significant cost to Idahoans: the healthcare policies of 105,000 were canceled [Source]  and Idaho spent $70 million building a state website that duplicated costs, since it does exactly the same thing the federal state exchange website does . [Source]

In addition to misleading voters on his own record, our opponent wants to mislead voters on Russ Fulcher’s record. “Whining and fighting” is a liberal interpretation of what Russ Fulcher actually did in response to the creation of a state Obamacare exchange.

As an Idaho Senator, Russ Fulcher led a coalition of conservative legislators that fought the establishment of a state Obamacare exchange. In fact, the exchange was one of the primary reasons why Fulcher challenged Governor Otter in 2014, coming within single digits of three-term Otter after campaigning for only five months. This ad was produced in 2014, and in the intervening years we’ve seen Idaho’s healthcare premiums skyrocket. In 2017, Idahoans saw a 27% increase on their healthcare premiums, on average. [Source]

Fulcher Vows To Fight D.C. Control (Priest River Times)


Judd Wilson | Priest River Times

Priest River – Republican candidate for Congress, Russ Fulcher, came to Priest River on a hot Timber Days parade day and brought revellers welcome relief: free, cold bottles of water. When he gets to D.C., though, he plans on turning up the heat — on the federal government.

Job one is to “right-size control between the federal government and the state,” he said. Right now, locals and the state have to react to whatever Washington D.C. says. Fulcher explained that his aim is to decrease the inflence and control of the federal government and return power to the people.

“If you put decision making authority in the hands of locals, it tends to work out better,” he said.