No More Budgets Like This - Russ Fulcher for Congress

No More Budgets Like This

Folks, I’ve gotta tell you something.

Watching some members of my party vote for a budget that further imperils our nation’s economic security was incredibly disappointing.

My concern about our federal government’s addiction to spending is one of the main reasons I joined the race for Congress. As Republicans, we cannot continue to be complicit in increasing our nation’s debt.

As your Congressman, I won’t bow to leadership or special interest pressures and vote for a bill like this.

But more than just being against something, I will bring conservative solutions to Congress, just like I did in the state legislature.

As your state senator, I sponsored and passed the largest tax cut in Idaho history. As we approach Saturday’s fundraising deadline, it is more important than ever that our campaign lets voters know that I will protect our hard-earned money.

I will work with any member of Congress that shares my concern about our government’s spending problem. We will create a budget that supports our military and border security, but not risk our children’s future by spending taxpayer dollars for things like Chuck Shumer’s subway train or Planned Parenthood.

Thank you for standing with me. Our nation’s future, and that of our children, is at stake.


Russ Fulcher is a fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up on a dairy farm in Meridian. He has multiple upper education degrees from Idaho Institutions, spent 24 years in Idaho’s technology industry where he conducted business worldwide. Russ also served 10 years in the statehouse as a Senate leader, and currently operates a commercial real estate business. He and his wife Kara, have three adult children; Meghan, Benjamin, and Nicole.

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