Carrying our momentum into 2018. - Russ Fulcher for Congress

Carrying our momentum into 2018.

Happy new year! From my family to yours, welcome to 2018.

The Fulcher campaign is entering 2018 with tremendous momentum! I am thrilled at the progress we have made, and I’d like to share some highlights from the past year:  

  • We were the first campaign in our race to establish our Grassroots Team!

    It is my honor and privilege to have such passionate, hardworking folks standing with me to protect the conservative interests of Idaho’s First Congressional District. I am proud to be surrounded by individuals that are not only my peers, but my friends.

  • We achieved first place in fundraising!

    As of the last FEC period deadline on September 30, I was humbled and thrilled to see that we were in FIRST PLACE in our race with our fundraising totals! This is a big deal, as it will allow us to proliferate our message in the coming weeks. The money we raise comes in heartfelt contributions from hardworking citizens like you… people who care about freedom, defending personal liberties, and standing up against big government. I am deeply thankful for every dollar!

  • We lead the pack in endorsements!

    A huge number of Conservative lawmakers and community leaders in Idaho have endorsed our campaign- and the list grows daily. Folks, I can’t tell you how humbled I am by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm! The support from so many people, plus the endorsement of Congressman Labrador, makes me more confident than ever that together, we can do this! 

  • We are formally recognized by major national Conservative groups!

    As 2017 came to a close, we were recognized by some of the major champions of Conservative values in our country. This is a huge indicator that our message is being heard and our momentum is building. This is also a sign that we can effectively champion conservative values in the battle zone of Washington! 

  • We are working harder than anyone to protect Idaho’s Conservative Values.

    If you know me at all, you know that I work very, very hard. I log the miles. I do my best to make myself accessible to you, and I take the time to meet and listen to as many Idahoans as humanly possible on how I can best serve you as the next Congressman from Idaho. We have already covered our district top to bottom multiple times- and we are going to do it again, and again, and again. We will not stop until we win!

We are now just four and a half short months from Primary Election Day- let’s take the state by storm! We have a big task ahead of us, but together, we can do it.

Thank you, so much, for your friendship, your support, and your prayers. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Your friend,

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Russ Fulcher is a fourth-generation Idahoan who grew up on a dairy farm in Meridian. He has multiple upper education degrees from Idaho Institutions, spent 24 years in Idaho’s technology industry where he conducted business worldwide. Russ also served 10 years in the statehouse as a Senate leader, and currently operates a commercial real estate business. He and his wife Kara, have three adult children; Meghan, Benjamin, and Nicole.

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