I stand with the majority of Idahoans who reject our state being near the bottom of many social and economic measures. About 12% of Idaho’s population receives food stamps and Medicaid continues to grow, threatening spending on education and state functions. Despite some job creation, Idaho ranks fifth highest in the nation in the country for minimum wage jobs. And, like four years ago, the Tax Foundation found Idaho has one of the worst business tax climates in the West.

Meanwhile, the costs of healthcare, groceries, and other items keep rising with Idaho not adopting patient-centric healthcare alternatives, eliminating the tax on groceries, cutting regulations, or controlling government spending.

I spent my career as a businessman traveling the world promoting Idaho’s economy. I know what it will take to get this economy moving again. We will get government out of the way so Idaho businesses can grow. We will build on educating and training our workforce for jobs in growth industry sectors throughout our state. And, we will responsibly manage our natural resources to create business and job opportunities to unleash prosperity in every part of our state.

Idaho can and should be the best place in the world to start a business, locate a business, and run a business. It will have a highly skilled and educated workforce – both today and in the future. And it will be a state government that taxes less, spends little, and supports entrepreneurship. Idaho can become the “sparkling gem” to guide our people and this nation to economic prosperity.