The Race for Governor of Idaho

During my 2014 run for Governor, I was honored to receive the endorsement of Congressman Raul Labrador. He said that he supported me because of my “political courage and fresh ideas.” He felt that I would “work to reduce our dependence on Washington DC, make the tax code more competitive, reduce regulation, and give Idaho the chance to fulfill its promise.” I expect that he still believes those things.

In 2014 I had challenged a sitting Governor from my own party, in part because some state leaders had lost perspective of a question many Idahoans ask themselves on a daily basis – “Do I go to the gas pump or the grocery store, because I can’t afford to do both.” People needed relief, opportunity, and a leader who listens… and they still do. In less than six months, I came very close victory. Idahoans stood up to be counted, and they demanded a better Idaho.

Now it’s 2017. Since that time, I have traveled thousands of miles in this state. I have had the opportunity to listen to Idahoans statewide, and to learn how I can best serve them as Idaho’s next Governor. As a fourth-generation Idaho farm kid who graduated from Idaho universities, spent 24 years in the tech sector, spent 10 in the legislature, and now operates his own commercial real estate business, I understand Idaho. I have real solutions to our problems. We need high-wage jobs, lower taxes, and less dependence on the federal government. Idaho truly can become the best place to work, start a business, and raise a family.

I wish my friend Congressman Labrador and his family all the best. For the next year I will be spending my time traveling the state, listening to Idahoans, and learning how I can best serve you as Idaho’s next Governor.