Why Idaho Won’t Remove the Grocery Tax

Food is a necessity, and taxing a necessity inherently has the highest impact on the most vulnerable among us. I was the Senate sponsor for legislation creating the Grocery Tax Credit in 2008. At that time, issuing a tax credit implemented over a period of years was the only way to get grocery tax relief. Now the credit is implemented, $633 million has been returned to Idaho taxpayers so far, and it is time to remove the tax entirely. I support Senator Cliff Bayer (House sponsor in 2008) and his 48 legislative co-sponsors in this effort.

So you might ask – with a majority of republican legislators already in support, why is the bill not scheduled for a hearing? That’s because some legislative leaders would like to pilfer the money currently collected from grocery taxes, eliminate or reduce the credit back to taxpayers, and re-direct those funds to some sort of special interest. Please remind your legislators that the purpose of the grocery tax credit, and now the elimination of the tax, is to reduce the tax burden, not re-direct taxpayer money to some pet project.